About Me

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Hello! My name is Tayla, the face and typing hands of Pretty Pine Co. Thank you for stopping by!

I am momma to three month old, Holly and admin specialist living in the great state of Maine. My partner, Andrew, and I took over my family home a couple years ago and we are working on making it our own ever since.

I love decorating, farmhouse decor and iced coffee during any season!

Pretty Pine Co. was created a little over a year ago as an outlet to share my favorite decor inspiration. Living in the Pine Tree state has always given me great love for the beauty, height and commanding energy pine trees have. I work on standing tall in every situation I am in.

I am a huge believer in home decor being your own personal journey. This blog is to focus on my own decor journey as I make our house a home for my little family one step at a time.

So glad you’re here!

xo Tayla